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Drupal User's Guide coverThe Drupal User’s Guide is the go-to guide for professionals teaching and training the open source content management system, Drupal. Drupal trainers use The Drupal User’s Guide to introduce, invigorate and inspire their students into becoming the worlds newest Drupalers.

The guide that Drupal trainers count on.

Trainers who build their classes around The Drupal User’s Guide, give their students a handy manual that is a foundation for a long-term drupalventure. The guide is the touchstone that ignites and inspires new Drupalers by using plain language and "a no-coding-necessary" approach to working with Drupal. Find out more about the advantages of starting with the Drupal Users Guide.

There are bulk discounts for teachers and classrooms, and we have training and support materials for instructors.

Drupalers use the Guide.

There are resources here for those who are looking to “teach yourself Drupal.” The Drupal Users Guide is uniquely accessible for a standard self-guided training experience. This site includes handy resources for the self-educated, including downloadables.

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Emma Jane Hogbin is available for customized and personal training for your organization.

Emma is the author of Front End Drupal and the Drupal Users Guide and has been teaching internet technologies since 2002 and has been building Web sites for over ten years.

In 2010 Emma started producing the first-ever high impact digital workbooks focused on Drupal theming skills. These easy-to-follow guides are loved worldwide.

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Training Guides

Drupal Users Guide author Emma Jane Hogbin, has also developed several additional training guides that support and build on her manual.
Using a project-based approach, Emma’s guides help trainers walk through creating amazing Drupal Web sites and convert designs into flexible themes.

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Many Drupal trainers are using the Drupal Users Guide as a starting point for the Drupal classes.

  • Hogbin spends the first third of the book instructing you on what goes into a great site. I never realized how vital that is to a person who has little experience in building real sites. ... I highly recommend this book and I have added it to my list of books I give my clients.

    Scott L. Wolpow, Amazon Review