Testimonials: Trainers who know

Many Drupal trainers are using the Drupal Users Guide as a starting point for the Drupal classes.

Victor Kane at awebfactory.com writes:

Why do I recommend it to clients all the time? Because it totally lives up to what it says in the dedication page:
“For my mother, Maryann, who asked for the manual to her Web site.”
That's just what it is, the manual to your website.

Everett Zufelt took a long look at the guide and ultimately suggests it is a great source for new and beginning Drupal administrators:

This book is a very good resource and getting started guide to building and administering a successful site.

Amazon.com Reviews

There are some great five-star reviews of the book on Amazon.com.

Michael Anello writes:

Emma Jane continues to be a voice that resonates with new Drupal users as well as themers of all levels with her clear writing style and holistic approach to building Drupal sites. This book is well-written with chapters about less-geeky, but equally important aspects of web site development (site planning, information architecture, usability) that are often ignored in other Drupal books.

Scott L. Wolpow writes:

Hogbin spends the first third of the book instructing you on what goes into a great site. I never realized how vital that is to a person who has little experience in building real sites. ... I highly recommend this book and I have added it to my list of books I give my clients.

Are you a trainer using The Drupal User’s Guide as a basis for your Drupal training? Let us know about it!