Add-On Training Guides

Drupal Users Guide author Emma Jane Hogbin, has also developed several additional training guides that support and build on her manual. Using a project-based approach, Emma’s guides help trainers walk through creating amazing Drupal Web sites and convert designs into flexible themes.

Extended training workbooks

The basic form of these workbooks are already included in Drupal User's Guide. If you own a copy of that book, you already have the basics of these sites; however, the extended training workbooks build on what you've already learned to take you even further with your Drupal skills. Each workbook extends the site in a different way. Interested in learning how to program in PHP? You'll want to buy the Community Site extended workbook. Interested in making sophisticated relationships and lists of content? You'll want to buy the Business Directory extended workbook.

  • Community Site. For training regarding core modules and introducing contributed modules. This workbook also offers training in conditional regions in grid-based layouts, PHP conditional statements, base themes, building a private member-only forum, and working with multiple nodes published to different regions of a page.
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  • Business Directory. Training regarding building for community directories for groups like Chambers of Commerce working with and collections of data that are sorted alphabetically. Also features training regarding custom content types and introduction to Views.
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Add-on Training workbooks include:

These topics are not covered in the Drupal User's Guide, and complement the skills you've learned from the Guide.

  • Portfolio Site. Offers training in jQuery-enhanced modules for gallery effects, Views attachments custom node templates.
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  • Bilingual Site. Offers training on localized vs. internationalized Web sites, and an introduction to Drupal features.
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  • Multimedia. Training on including rich media on your site (photos, MP3 and video). This training module is also appropriate for groups who need to post a recording of their meetings.
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  • Theming Forms. Training on in-depth, step-by-step instruction on theming forms.
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